Kibbs Bar-B-Que


Story and photos by Richard Ledbetter


With July being National Grilling Month, who better to visit with on the subject than Walter Kibble? He and his faithful staff have been providing some of the best-sliced pork, chicken, and ribs in Southeast Arkansas at five locations for over forty years. With two Kibb’s Bar-B-Que restaurants in Pine Bluff, another pair in Stuttgart and a fifth owned and operated by his granddaughter in North Little Rock, they serve up delicious smoked meats with all the fixings to customers across a broad region. And I should know — I’m one of them.


Kibble told SEA Life, “I discovered Bar-B-Que working at Charles Bar-B-Que in Tulsa around 1978. I fell in love with the process because there’s no waste. Once you smoke your meat, it’ll keep without spoilage. I worked for Mr. Charles one summer, then in other joints all over Tulsa and Chicago. I noticed there were dozens of Bar-B-Que places all over both cities. But when I came back home to Stuttgart, there weren’t any. That’s when I opened my first restaurant.”


Emphasizing the biggest point in his business, Kibble said, “If you’re going to do Bar-B-Que, you’ve got to drill that smoke into the meat. When you slice into a chunk of a pork-butt or brisket, if it ain’t pink, it ain’t smoked.”


Asked how long he smokes various products, he said, “We smoke brisket eight to nine hours. We cut our pork-butts in half. That makes them where the girls can handle it when they load the smoker and flip the butts during cooking. The halves take about four hours. Chicken takes about four hours too. We serve sliced pork, not pulled pork. We slice our pork-butts real thin and fluff up four ounces of meat for every sandwich.”


When asked about his menu at the five locations he said, “Besides Bar-B-Que, we have hamburgers, fish, wings, smoked bologna, potato salad, french fries, beans and coleslaw.”


The phone number and locales for Kibb’s are:
2117 University Drive, 870-535-6563
1400 S. Blake St, 870 535-8400 in Pine Bluff.

For Stuttgart, they are at 426 W, 2nd St. 870-673-4621
1102 E. Harrison, 870-673-2072

In North Little Rock, you can find delicious Kibb’s Bar-B-Que at 6230 Baucum Pike, phone 501-955-1110.


Give them a call or drop by. I can vouch, it’s larruping good!

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