Tails of Rescue: West Memphis, AR Animal Shelter


Mona is a 2.5 year old American Staffordshire Terrier mix with a smile that will light up your life! She has been at the shelter for 3 months, patiently awaiting her forever family. She is currently being fostered and has just completed her heartworm treatment. She is described as “the perfect dog” — she loves all people (including kids!), and would love to have dog or cat siblings, too! If you’d like your very own version of a heart-melting Mona Lisa smile, go meet this sweet girl!

If you’re looking for a tall(ish), dark, and handsome guy — look no further! Swartz is a happy 1.5 year old Staffordshire Terrier mix whose excellent temperament has gained him the title of President of the Welcoming Committee for new dogs at the shelter! He loves people and other dogs alike, and would love to retire his title for his own happily-ever-after!


Ginger and Shadow:
These two best friends were surrendered by their owner in September 2017. While at the shelter, they were both terrified and found comfort only with each other. Eventually, Shadow was pulled from the shelter by Ruff Tales Rescue with Ginger following behind only a few weeks later. When Shadow (now known as Rambo) was adopted in Massachusetts, his new adoptive mom found out that he came to the shelter with another dog, and went on the search to find the pup’s missing best friend. She discovered Ginger had also been adopted out through Ruff Tales and lived only an hour away! On May 12th, 8 months after being surrendered at the shelter in Arkansas, Ginger and Shadow were reunited 1,300 miles from where their journey began.

Mabel was found in West Memphis on the side of the road, and at first was thought to be very pregnant. After visiting the vet, it was determined that her large belly was due to heartworms; Mabel was in congestive heart failure. When the shelter decided the most humane thing would be to put her to rest, the vet handling the procedure met Mabel and fell in love. He told the shelter he could not give up on such a sweet dog, so he treated Mabel at his own cost. After her treatment, Mabel went in for a routine spay procedure and had major complications. The shelter feared she would not pull through. Her forever family saw a video of her on the shelter’s Facebook page and the rest is history. She is living the best life she could imagine with human and fur siblings to love. She even has her own Facebook page now, Mabel Lee Drause, so you can keep up with her shenanigans!

west memphis animal shelter.jpgThe adoptable pets and success stories featured in this edition of SEA Life magazine are from West Memphis Animal Shelter located at 500 Rushing St, West Memphis, AR 72301. You can reach them at (870) 732-7599 or www.westmemphisanimalshelter.com

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